Main features

The LEENCE software can be customized which allows us to adapt to the needs of each customer, although main features exist of:

  • Input control through automatic number plate recognition (LPR) with management of white / black lists.
  • User management with the possibility of using multiple profiles.
  • Inspection of vehicles without restrictions regarding to the size.
  • Real-time analysis of context, registration and inspection of the undercarriage.
  • Inspection history, arranged by user with information on: brand, model, color, driver and ID, with the possibility of re-viewing each image recorded during the inspection.
  • User management statistics in a given period, with information on: number of inspections, average time spent, average waiting time etc.
  • Setting the direction of travel.
  • Customized watermark in video clips.
  • Management software controlling traffic lights, barriers etc.

System Architecture

The standard installation consists of a main LEENCE unit, managed by a control monitor. The LEENCE system allows multiple configurations and possibilities for the system architecture. According to the needs of each client the best option is examined.

Integration with central monitoring station.

Vehicle arrival demo

In this video you can see the process of the inspection of a vehicle, starting from its arrival at the checkpoint with automatic license plate recognition, real-time view of all cameras, scanning the undercarriage and post-viewing of it.

Context demo

In this video we can see the process of monitoring passengers with the context camera, with this camera can do a real-time inspection of the vehicle outside and its occupants prior to giving authorization for the next step, inspection of the undercarriage.

Inspection demo

In this example we can see the process of inspection and the quality of images during a nighttime inspection, there are several ways of viewing: panoramic views and an immersive possibility of navigation, forward, rewind and zoom.