High-tech vehicle monitoring

Leence scans the entire undercarriage of a vehicle and quickly delivers a high-resolution image in full color on the control monitor. The people who perform the inspection have access to the entire lower surface of the vehicle and are able to examine it from a safe distance. Integrated automatic number plate recognition technology (LPR), allows inspection of images of each vehicle to be linked to the same number plate.


System Overview

The system consists of a main unit installed in the pavement of the monitored main entrance to the site, a touch screen monitor, keyboard and joystick with PTZ function and hotkeys. The LEENCE main unit incorporates inspection cameras and automatic number plate recognition. An additional context camera is installed for an overview of the vehicle and its occupants.

Leence Software manages the entire inspection process, with the possibility of integrating external elements such as barriers, traffic lights, lights etc.

Total Control of each inspection

With three high-definition cameras that are integrated in the system you’ve got optimal control of each inspection. The high-tech camera used for inspection of the undercarriage of the vehicle is equivalent to eight conventional cameras, offering full panoramic images in full color and high detail, even in darkness. Thanks to infrared LED technology.

Cámara de reconocimiento de matrícula
License Plate Recognition Camera
Cámara de inspección. Modo surround
Inspection camera. Surround mode
Cámara de contexto
Context camera.
Cámara de contexto. Modo zoom
Context camera. Zoom mode